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[Its dual-listed companies] Joincare Pharmaceutical Group (stock code: 600380)

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group (stock code: 000513 Hong Kong stock code: 01513) 

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Talent is the most valuable asset of Joincare Pharmaceutical Group and also the foundation for Joincare Pharmaceutical Group’s success today;

“We shall not only create good economic benefits, but also cultivate outstanding talents!”

This solemn commitment is the consistent creed of Joincare. Joincare has always adhered to the “Co-development of employee and enterprise”, while improving the value of product and enterprise with superior quality, it also enhances the personal value of employees; “Love, Utilize, Cultivate and Retain Talents” is the principle abided by Joincare; 

“To promote the capable ones, replace the average ones, and eliminate the incapable ones” is the competition mechanism policy of Joincare. “Fully authorize and don't suspect a person you use" is Joincare’s key to gather elites. Joincare is committed to giving each employee opportunities and spaces for sustainable development.

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