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Shenzhen Hiyeah Industry Co., Ltd.

2019-05-29 19:14:47


        Founded in 1992, Shenzhen Hiyeah Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hiyeah Industry) is a large-scale health product enterprise integrating the scientific research, production, sales and marketing of health food. In 2003, Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Shenzhen Haibin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly acquired all the shares of Hiyeah Industry. Hiyeah Industry became a subsidiary of Joincare Pharmaceutical Group which directly and indirectly holds 100% of the shares.

        Since its establishment in 1992, Hiyeah Industry has been committed to the development and promotion of health foods, and has launched health product brands such as "Fuyu", "Hiyeah" and "Renhe", among which the "Hiyeah" series health products launched by Hiyeah Industry's subsidiary, Prince of Peace Health Products Co., Ltd., have won unanimous praise from consumers and achieved excellent sales results for their high-quality raw materials, high-grade packaging and accurate market positioning. "Hiyeah" has became a well-known brand of American Ginseng products, its image of Indian chieftain with strong North American Aboriginal characteristics has become the representative of "authentic and mellow" American ginseng and deeply branded in the hearts of consumers, and the slogan "Let the world be full of joy" has spread far and wide, creating the legend of "Hiyeah" in the field of American ginseng. 

        In addition to the American ginseng category, Hiyeah Industry has also been involved in many areas of health food, such as Hiyeah Yak Bone Powder, Renhe Crystal Sugar Bird's Nest and Renhe Hashima and Bird's Nest.

        After the acquisition of Hiyeah Industry by Joincare Pharmaceutical Group, on the original basis, Hiyeah Industry has re-integrated the brand with excellent brand promotion, strong terminal strength and rich group resources of Joincare Pharmaceutical Group to carry out new product promotion and sales. In the future, Hiyeah will provide more health products, serve the public health, and benefit the society.

Qualification Certification of Shenzhen Hiyeah Industry Co., Ltd.

No. Enterprise Qualification
1 Shenzhen Hiyeah Industry Co., Ltd. IS014001 Certification
2 Shenzhen Hiyeah Industry Co., Ltd. Quality Management and Environmental Management System Certificate

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