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Establishment in the South

In 1992, Shenzhen Aimier Food Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co., Ltd., was established;

In 1993, the first brand for women “Taitai Oral Liquid” was successfully launched, creating the era of women's health products and laying a foundation of the company’s leading position in the health products industry.

In 1994, the company changed its name to “Shenzhen Taitai Health Food Co., Ltd.”;


Successful transformation

In 1995, the company realized the strategic transformation and entered the pharmaceutical industry, and changed its name to “Shenzhen Taitai Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.”;

In 1997, the company acquired Shenzhen Haibin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., completing the successful transformation from a health product company to a pharmaceutical company.


Landing in the capital market

In 2001, Taitai Pharmaceutical Industry was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully, issued 70 million shares, and raised 1.7 billion yuan. It was the A-share listed private enterprise that raised the most funds at that time.


The Group covered dual-listed companies through expansion and acquisition

In 2002, it acquired Livzon Pharmaceutical Group; in 2003, it was renamed Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co., Ltd.


Active participation in biomedical and layout of Internet One Health industry

In 2010, Monoclonal Antibody Biology Co., Ltd. was established. In the same year, it joined the TNC Greater China Council. It actively utilized the company's superior resources, integrated resources and participated in the natural environmental protection work. In 2015, it laid out the Internet Medical One Health industry.

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