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Chemical preparations

Chemical preparations

Chemical preparations are the company’s largest source of income. The prescription drugs include digestive tract drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, antimicrobial drugs, anti-tumor drugs, assisted reproductive drugs, neurological therapeutic drugs, etc., and OCT drugs include digestive tract drugs “Li Zhu De Le and “Li Zhu Chang Le” and oral ulcer drug “Dexamethasone Acetate Adhesive Tablets”.


There are many domestic chemical preparation enterprises and the competition is relatively fierce. The innovative drugs and generic drugs with high barriers will become the further development direction of the industry due to low competitive pressure and sustained support of national policies. The company’s chemical preparations cover a wide range of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to digestive tract, cardiovascular, anti-microbial and gonadotropic hormones. The products are rich in variety, with perfect sales channels, broad terminal coverage and brand awareness.


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