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Personnel guideline

We shall not only create good economic benefits, but also cultivate outstanding talents! " It is a solemn commitment of Joincare.

The company has always adhered to the “Co-development of employee and enterprise”, while improving the value of product and enterprise with superior quality, it also enhances the personal value of employees; "Love, Utilize, Cultivate and Retain Talents" is the principle abided by us; “To promote the capable ones, replace the average ones, and eliminate the incapable ones” is our competition mechanism policy; “Fully authorize and don’t suspect a person you use" is our key to gather elites. Joincare is committed to giving each employee opportunities and spaces for sustainable development.

Talent standards: Pragmatic, innovative, collaborative and progressive.

“The ocean is vast for it refuses no rivers”. The company widely recruits talents and pays attention to cultivating enterprise talents and helping employees to continuously improve the level of various aspects in practice. The training of the Human Resources Department plays an organization and coordination role in this respect.


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